Moving itself is stressful. Make it easier

on yourself, let us help you with the process and make it a smooth transition.

Moving In

  • Unpack all boxes and belongings (up to 15 hours)

  • Organize and put away all belongings (up to 25 hours) 

  • Dispose of all packing /moving materials

  • Remove unwanted but usable items

  • Coordinate initial cleaning/polish of furniture, all kitchen items, cabinets/shelving before belongings are put away*

  • Coordinate unpacking of specialty items*

 Moving Out


  • Packing all belongings (up to 40 hours) 

  • Remove unwanted but usable items

  • Assist in packing

  • Coordinate shredding of private/personal documents * 

  • Coordinate final house cleaning *


*Any third-party vendor and purchases will be billed at cost. 

Creating Spaces for What Matters