Virtual Organizing - VO

Virtual Organizing - VO is another way to declutter and organize your home. Whether it's your kitchen, home office, kid's playroom, bathrooms, bedrooms, closets, even your garage. D's Declutrr can help you bring back your chaos to order by: 

  • Step by Step Instructions
  • Purging and Sorting recommendations
  • Decluttering guidance
  • Product Shopping List (online) 
  • Asking questions and listening to your needs and desired goals 
  • Creating a maintenance plan
  • Offering professional advice for future organizing 

 VO is good for those that are: 

  • Motivated and ready to take on that house project(s).
  • Willing to learn new ways.
  • Committed to doing the needed hands-on work and able to move and pickup your belongings. 
  • Comfortable with talking on the phone, and using video chat applications, like skype, Facetime, or Zoom. 
  • Familiar with email and sending attachments, like photo images. 
  • Able to communicate when you feel stuck and not sure what to do next.