Diana Moll has had an organized way of life which started in Kindergarten attending a Montessori school. She learned to take toys out to play with and then had to put them back where she found them. 

After graduating from the University of Miami with a degree in Finance, she worked in the Trust Department at a local bank.  She had to maintain a high level of attention to her client's needs and their future planning.  Managing was part of her daily work routine.  After 16 years, she left corporate banking to focus on her family. 

She never stopped helping friends and family organize and declutter when they needed assistance. Diana helped downsize her parents from a house owned for 45 years to a smaller apartment.  She was also very active with local charitable organizations, such as  Committee of 100 for Big Brothers Big Sisters, March of Dimes, Board of Directors at Vizcaya Museum and Gardens and Chairman of La Lega dei Viscaynai, young professional group and Co-President of Beaux Arts of the Lowe Art Museum at the University of Miami. 

Diana is thrilled to help other people declutter and have a

New Clean Life.