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Why should I hire a Professional Organizer to help me declutter?

Professional Organizers are hired to help make your home more organized. It is important when going through the process of organizing, that one declutters. I will work with you each step of the process, giving you guidance throughout.  At times this may be difficult. 

I'm embarrassed of my home. Will you tell people about me?

The relationship between Client and Organizer is extremely personal, and confidential. In the Client-Organizer Agreement all aspects of your personal life are kept private. 

Will you take pictures of my space? 

Yes, with your written consent. I will take pictures of your space at our in-person consultation and at the end of the project. Before & After pictures are extremely helpful and a great way to see the transformation of your space. Pictures will be taken of only the project areas, never to contain personal information, or any specific features that could cause anyone to know who you are. 

Should I clean up before you come over? 

NO! The best way for me to access your space is to see it just like you have it. Cleaning up before hand, even a little clean up, will give an unclear picture of the space that you wish to work on. It might be very tempting, please resist on any tidying up ahead of time.

Will you give me homework assignment?

Yes, the goal ultimately is for you to stay organized on your own. Together, we can come up with a few "homework assignments" that can be done prior to the next appointment.

Do I have to buy products to help me get organized? 

In most cases, absolutely not! We will use the items that are in your in home which can be reused and repurposed to provide a new level of organization. Should you wish to purchase new products,  I can offer different suggestions of products that you can buy. 


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