Brand New Easy and Quick Reference Guide that will help anyone to start declutter and get organized. 


This guide was created to alleviate any stress as to what paper to toss to where to make certain donations to organizing product stores. 

Quick Reference Guide

  • Organizing Product Stores: General Office Supplies Unique and Beautiful Office Supplies Home Improvement/ClosetsOrganizing ProductsDonation Resources: Boats | Cars | Motorcycles | PWC (personal watercraft) | RVs | Cell Phones| Eyeglasses | Household Items| Recycling |Junk Hauling |Put an end to Junk Mail | Email | Stop Junk Mail with an App| Stop the Credit Card Offers | Stop Telemarketing Phone Calls | Selling Items Online via an App| What Can You Throw Away Now? The Paper TossWhat Papers to Keep Temporarily | Long Term | Forever

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